6 Things that every southern lady must know.

If you were lucky enough to be raised in the south then there are certain things that you know. Women from the south are known for their strength as well as their beauty. We don’t crack under pressure but like good sweet tea, we get stronger the closer we are to the fire. Here are a few the rules that we southern women know and don’t have to be told.

  1. Never leave the house without at least some lipstick, moisturizer, and eyes shadow on. When it’s 100 degrees out, your cheeks will already be rosy but you don’t want naked lips.
  2. Remember your manners. Bless your heart is not a compliment ladies! Southern women have their own terms of endearment. Darlin’, sweetie, honey, sugar, and baby.
  3. Always make your bed and have something in the fridge for a quick meal or a drink as you never know who might just “pop” by. Southern women are known worldwide for our hospitality.
  4. No wardrobe is complete without denim jeans, camo, a little black dress, black heels, and pearls and it’s ok to wear jeans, pearls, and heels all at the same time.
  5. Southern women don’t just show up, they wait for an invitation. By nature, southern women are great hostesses. With this being said, we know that there is a reason we were or were not invited. Maybe the hostess was trying to save us from an awkward situation, maybe have a small budget, or plain don’t want you there. Do you really want to be were you aren’t wanted?
  6. Don’t ever chew gum in public. If you want to look like a cow chewing their cud, do it while you are alone and not in public. No one wants to hear you chomping away.

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